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Understanding Wasabi wallet and Coinjoin Technology

Wasabi Wallet is a popular open-source bitcoin wallet that offers enhanced privacy features through a technology called Coinjoin. In this article, we will delve into the functionalities and minimum requirements of Wasabi Wallet on GitHub.

Exploring Wasabi Wallet on GitHub

GitHub is a platform that hosts numerous open-source projects, including Wasabi Wallet. By searching for “github wasabi wallet,” users can easily access the official Wasabi Wallet repository on GitHub. This repository provides valuable resources such as source code, documentation, and issue tracking, allowing developers and users to actively contribute to the project’s development.

Understanding Coinjoin Technology

Coinjoin is a privacy-enhancing technology implemented in Wasabi Wallet. It is a trustless method of combining multiple Bitcoin transactions into a single transaction, making it difficult to trace the origin and destination of the funds. Coinjoin essentially obfuscates the transaction history, enhancing the privacy and fungibility of Bitcoin.

Minimum Coinjoin Requirements in Wasabi Wallet

For users interested in utilizing Coinjoin in Wasabi Wallet, there are certain minimum requirements to keep in mind. These requirements aim to ensure the effectiveness of the Coinjoin process and protect the privacy of the participants.

1. Minimum Denomination:
Wasabi Wallet sets a minimum denomination for Coinjoin transactions. This means that the total amount of Bitcoin to be mixed must meet or exceed the specified minimum denomination. By setting a minimum denomination, Wasabi Wallet avoids potential privacy leaks that could occur when small amounts are mixed with larger ones.

2. Rounds of Mixing:
The Coinjoin process in Wasabi Wallet consists of multiple rounds. Each round involves a group of participants coming together to mix their transactions. The more rounds a transaction goes through, the higher the anonymity set, thereby increasing the privacy of the participants. However, it is important to note that each round incurs a network fee.

3. Network Connection:
To participate in Coinjoin transactions in Wasabi Wallet, users must have a stable internet connection. This connection is necessary to communicate with other participants and finalize the transaction within the designated time frame. Prompt participation is crucial to ensure the success of the Coinjoin process.


Wasabi Wallet on GitHub offers users the opportunity to explore the source code, contribute to the project, and gain a deeper understanding of the Coinjoin technology it incorporates. By adhering to the minimum Coinjoin requirements, users can enhance their privacy and enjoy the benefits of a more fungible Bitcoin experience.

Remember, Wasabi Wallet and Coinjoin technology are constantly evolving. It is advisable to stay updated with the latest releases, security updates, and community discussions to make the most of this powerful privacy-enhancing tool.

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